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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
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Commercial Cleaning Services

We provide a vast amount of commercial services to offer above are just a few that we offer. Mid-South Clean Machine has been in business for over 20+ years and have a certified experts that are ready to make your business shine. Making sure the kitchen is client not only for the customers but also for the safety of your employees as well.  

Mid-South Clean Machine offers services to commercial kitchens, businesses, schools, churches, nursing homes, hospitals, casinos, and more. If your kitchen needs shined give us a call.

Why kitchens need Commerical Vent hood cleaning

Commercial kitchens in Knoxville, TN need vent hood cleaning for several reasons. First, cooking produces a lot of grease and smoke, which can build up on the vent hood and ductwork over time. If left uncleaned, this build-up can become a fire hazard. Additionally, a dirty vent hood can cause the kitchen to become excessively hot and smokey, making it uncomfortable for staff to work in. Furthermore, as the grease build-up can also attract pests, it can create a health hazard. Regular cleaning also helps to ensure that the vent hood and ductwork are working properly, which is important for maintaining proper ventilation and preventing issues like carbon monoxide buildup. Overall, regular vent hood cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a safe and efficient commercial kitchen.

If you’re in need of commercial vent hood cleaning in Knoxville, TN, we recommend contacting a professional cleaning service that specializes in this type of work. They will have the tools and expertise necessary to safely and effectively clean your vent hood, reducing the risk of fire and ensuring that your kitchen is properly ventilated. Don’t wait, schedule your commercial vent hood cleaning today to ensure the safety and efficiency of your commercial kitchen.

Residential Cleaning Services

We not only provide commercial services for business but also provide residential services as well. We do pressure washing for roofs, driveways, sidewalks, fence pressure washing, decks, garages, and more. Mid-South Clean Machine will have the equipment and expertise necessary to safely and effectively clean your home’s exterior, including the siding, driveway, patio, and deck. Pressure washing can help to remove dirt, grime, mildew, and other buildup, making your home look like new again. Don’t wait, contact a professional pressure washing company today to schedule your service and keep your home’s exterior looking great.



Home Pressure Washing

To properly clear set and persistent stains on the exterior of your property, you will need to utilize pressure washing and cleaning chemicals.Let our cleaning specialists leave your home as pristine as the day you purchased it, whether you have concrete or hardwood surfaces.

Garage pressure washing

Driveway Pressure Washing

Because your driveway is one of the busiest places of your house, you may expect a rapid buildup of debris and grime that can harm the concrete surface.
Our pressure washing technology removes grime and mold from concrete, restoring its natural beauty for many years to come.
driveway pressure washing

Sidewalk Pressure washing

Natural mildew and mold development, which cause concrete discoloration and staining, are difficult to fight on sidewalks.

You may, however, revitalize your visual appeal by contacting us immediately.
Our technicians will remove any discolored areas, restoring your sidewalk to its original condition.

Sidewalk pressure washing

Fence Pressure Washing

Depending on the age, kind of wood used in construction, and environmental circumstances, varying levels of pressure are required for cleaning wooden fences.
Our experts can fine-tune the cleaning equipment to release just the right amount of pressure to remove stains and pollutants from your fence.
Wooden panels

Deck Pressure Washing

During the summer, your deck is a great place to relax, but it’s also prone to grime and dust, which can degrade its quality and appearance over time.
Our high-quality cleaning services can completely change your deck in only a few hours, making it ready for the weekend.
deck pressure washing

Retaining Walls Pressure Washing

Because they prevent additional soil erosion on your land, retaining walls require periodic upkeep.
We can help you extend the life of your retaining walls by pressure cleaning them thoroughly.
We also provide landscaping services to strengthen your walls if problems are discovered.
Retaining wall

Garage Pressure Washing

Most cars leak over time, resulting in oil and grease spots on your garage floor. Our expert cleaners know what it takes to remove grease, oil, and even paint from your garage. We can rapidly and securely remove any things required to reach the location.
garage pressure washing