Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

20+ years of Commercial Kitchen Equipment cleaning Experience


Commercial kitchen equipment cleaning is very different than a normal noncommercial kitchen because of the number of processes that go into the jobs unlike those of a non-commercial kitchen. This is why different procedures have to be taken place to make sure the kitchen is not only clean but also safe for employees and customers as well.

The types of equipment and surfaces that are cleaned but not limited to are:

  • Hot line equipment
    • grills
    • ranges
    • ovens
    • fryers
  • Polishing
  • Sealing floors
  • Cleaning and polishing stainless steel
  • Cleaning external hoods
  • Clean and Replace filters


This is a question that we get asked often about about our commercial kitchen equipment cleaning service. The fact is that any area that uses commercial grade equipment in their kitchens are in need. Restaurants are mostly the ones who call Mid-South Clean Machine for their cleaning, but we know there are more out there such as churches, schools, nursing homes, hotels, casinos, hospitals and more. These are places that serve a vast amount of people a one time and need the cleaning.

Cleaning-commercial kitchen equipment cleaning

With the amount of churches that bless our cities and states with the amount of food they prepare for the community, shelters, congregation, and many more they have commercial kitchen that need attention just like many of the restaurants.

churches commercial kitchen
Casino commercial kitchen cleaning

There are a lot of casinos in many states that cook food for their patrons that come to gamble in their establishment. Making sure that all of the commercial kitchen equipment they have at their disposal is professionally cleaned not only to make sure the equipment stays in top shape and that the chefs can cook but be safe for them and their customers as well.

Keeping the students, faculty, and staff safe is the highest priority that schools and higher education institutions have, the best way to do this is by making sure that the places they go to have meals professionally cleaned. Mid-South Clean Machine has over 20 years of experience in the schools and would love to make your district shine like it has many other schools. We take pride in being one of the tools to keep the employees and students safe. If you would like to make us part of your cleaning operation give us a call 870-761-1850

School commercial kitchen equipment cleaning
nursing home commercial kitchen cleaning

Making Nursing homes and hospitals commercial kitchens clean is a top priority, they provide many meals to those that are in the having there days spent together with the staff and other employees of the facility.

Hospitals and Nursing homes are in many of our towns and cities and are many times forgotten or neglected because of minimum staffing. Having Mid-South Clean Machine services near you, our team can make sure that you never have to worry again and know that 20 years of experience is behind all our service. Our trained staff is ready to make sure your place shines and is some that you are proud to show.