F.O.G is the acronym for Fats, Oils, and Grease. This is what commercial kitchens such as restaurants, fast food, mom and pop type kitchens, churches, casinos and any place that has commercial equipment that is used the cook food that is served to the people in any given city or town. Basically is consists of all the vegetable, canola , lard, peanut oil, and heavy cream sauces that is used to make the foods that we eat today. Although most people refer to this as the term GREASE.


On the surface, one can think how bad can a little oil, liquid fats be of any harm. A little doesn’t harm, its the build up over long periods of time without the proper cleaning and maintenance taken on the affected areas. Over time they get rinsed down the drain through traps and then through the waterlines, in the sewer into the mainlines of the city. Without proper maintenance this can be very dangerous to the restaurant or business that is servicing the food to the public.

Vent hood cleaning before


Cleaning the areas on a regular basis, ensuring the grease spills have been cleaned up so that no one will be injured.  Degreasing floors and all commercial cooking surfaces so that  fires will not spread because of grease or oil-related causes. These animal by products of the fats, oils , and grease often get washed down the drains, without some type of treatment that will dilute and causes major issues not only with the business sewer lines but when connected with the city can cause major issues all of over. This and many other reasons are why restaurants, schools, churches, and all types of business that have commercial kitchens should call a professional kitchen cleaning service that has been trained and understand the proper removal of waste so that all the sewer pipes are clean and will not cause any troubles for the owner.

We have over 20 years of experience and have cleaned many kitchens and have been trusted by top restaurants, schools, casinos, hospitals, and more. Our team uses their training and our specialized washing system to make sure every grease-saturated kitchen is clean and that it is safe for all employees, owners, and customers. We pride ourselves on doing a job that the customers are proud to show their customers or work in and have continuously working equipment

Can Commercial Kitchens degrease their kitchen?

Sure, many businesses degrease their own kitchen and corporations do as well. Having the proper tools and chemicals to clean is the key to a cleaning a heavy oil, fat, and grease saturated area. Mid-South Clean Machine carries degrease chemicals that will help to make sure your business is clean and safe for everyone including employees and customers. Give us a call and we would be happy to help you with this and get the proper degreaser so your business can be a place you will be proud to own.