kitchen fire


In a commercial kitchen, there is a very likelihood of having a grease fire because of the amount of oils, and fats that are being used to cook along with the amount of dust collected over a specified time or if the restaurant is in a dusty area or in the country settings. Even though everyone knows that it’s very dangerous most do not clean up until there is a fire or something bad has happened. So, to cut down on the risk cleanup of all oils, fats, and grease should be done after every shift or if there is a lot when the spill took place so there isn’t an accident. Because grease and oils are liquid the fire could spread quickly without a rapid response or knowledge of how to put the fire out.


As we all know from high school chemistry class oil and water DO NOT MIX, so when you have a grease fire the first thing you don’t do is throw water on the fire.

kitchen fire

These are a few things to do

  1. Turn off the heat/fire source
    Remove the oxygen from the flame
  2. If you have baking powder or salt, you can use this to put out small fires
  3. Grab the fire extinguisher and aim at the bottom of the fire
  4. If the fire gets out of control, then Call 911

Keeping a Fire from Happing

Some of the main things that people can do are keep their cooking areas clean and free from oils, fats, and grease. This will make sure that the ingredients to start a fire and could cause major issues for everyone involved in the restaurant, store, school, or business.

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