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Rooftop Grease and Oil Clean-up

Reasons Why Cleaning is Need for Rooftop Oil and Grease Cleanup  Within a commercial kitchen grease and oil is always a constant hazard and when these types of hazards become solidified and builds up on the fans and causes much of what is coming from the exhaust that are made to release the exhaust fumes and heat that builds up, but with lack of cleaning oil and grease can collect on the blades of the fan to cause not only a unhealthy environment but a dangerous one as well.  Not only can the oil and grease damage the fan blades and exhaust system but damage the roof top especially. The roofing material can breakdown from time to time because of the lack of cleaning and maintaining the composition. Once the oil and grease begins to become solid it has the consistency of tar. Once the oils and gets to this stage it’s not only a hazard for the business owner it also becomes an environmental risk as well. Having thorough cleaning is the key to have an efficient running and environmentally safe facility.

With the conventional  grease filters that are used within a commercial kitchen the ventilation system that are in place inefficiently  takes care of what needs to remove greasy element that are in the air before getting collected in the ducts. Because of this hazard it imposes to be a fire hazard and needs to be cleaned by a professional cleaning service that has a reputation of cleaning this type of grease and oil problem. MSCM has a trained staff that can clean up and contain the grease and oil from all commercial kitchens so that it will be clean and observes all NFPA regulations. MSCM also offers grease box termination kits.


MSCM Covers Arkansas, Southeast Missouri, West Tennessee and North Mississippi MSCM Inc. Offers on a schedule basis to perform fan maintenance, includes checking fan belt and motor bearings, offering replacement if needed.

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