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Mid-South Clean Machine Inc. proposes the following maintenance program.


Exhaust System Inspection Schedule


 To be performed  by a MSCM employee who shall be properly trained, qualified and certified.


Hoods (Procedures for the Use and Maintenance of Equipment)


 Hoods, grease removal devices, fans, ducts and other appurtenances shall be cleaned to bare metal prior to surfaces becoming heavily contaminated with grease or oily sludge on an as needed basis. The guide below is provided by the NFPA 96/98 Code.


Type or Volume of Cooking Frequency                                       Frequency


System serving solid fuel cooking operations                             Monthly

Systems serving high-volume cooking operations


 Such as 24-Hour cooking, charbroiling, or work                        Quarterly


Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operation               Semi-annually


Systems serving low-volume cooking operations                       Annual



System Information Sheet


MSCM will submit for approval a System Information Sheet for the vent-a-hood systems that need to be cleaned on the degree of build-up(as needed bases). This sheet will identify for approval the hood count, kitchen area involved, last clean date, and any visual problems identified and cost.



_If required, certificates of inspection and cleaning shall be submitted to the authority having jurisdiction.


Filters (General Requirements)


MSCM will also maintenance hood filters, repairing broken filter, replacing filters that are no longer repairable that are no longer repairable.  Replacement cost will be submitted for approval before purchasing or replacing.


Additional Service Offered

Fan Motor Belts

Seams, Joints, filter support frames

Access Panels and Doors

Rooftop Terminations

Hinge Kits


MSCM Covers Arkansas, Southeast Missouri, West Tennessee and North Mississippi MSCM Inc. Offers on a schedule basis to perform fan maintenance, includes checking fan belt and motor bearings, offering replacement if needed.

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